Drinking water treatment
Ozone treatment for drinking water is well known throughout the world for its capabilities as a disinfectant. However there are many other areas of its application not only to improve the water quality but also due to economic considerations.
Waste Water Treatments
The waste water being referred below includes industrial, municipal, recirculating waters in swimming pools and cooling towers, and other industrial process waters.
Cooling Water Treatment
Cooling towers are the most widely used method of dissipating waste heat from industrial and commercial processes. Their sizes range from small air-conditioning systems to large power plants.

About Us & What We Do

Over the years, company has worked hard to build strong enduring relationship with the various industries. A key formula for Manhattan’s success has been its ability to offer superior products at competitive price.

We manufacture REVERSE OSMOSIS, NANO & ULTRA FILTRATION PLANTS. The system design is incorporated with spiral wound, hollow fibre, tubular or ceramic membrane to achieve desired consistent result. This has been possible due to our 35 years wide experience in water purification with in-house RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT facilities and dedicated “STATE-OF-THE-ART” designing capability.

“MANHATTAN” in close liaison with MANHATTAN INTERNATIONAL, UK who over the years, have fully mastered, through extensive field experience and extensive R & D, and exploited the latest technology of ozone generation and now have come out with ozone generators of various capacity to produce concentrated ozone. Already more than 20 plants are installed in India.

100% Biological Green Cleaning Products; to aim conservation of Water, a precious natural resource. Application at Urinals, Toilets, Drainage Maintenance and Carpet / Upholstery Cleaning.
Enzymes (Proteins) “naturally produced biological catalysts” are absolutely necessary for life as they accelerate the rate of chemical reactions without changing themselves. Biological catalysts actually outperform Germicidal Cleaners because they digest the host material where the germs and odour causing bacteria live and reproduce. Germicides will kill germs and odour causing bacteria but because they do not eliminate the host organic material, new bacteria can and will begin to reproduce very soon after the germicidal has been applied.

We are pleased to introduce IPC – Integrated Professional Cleaning – one of the world’s prestigious products and brands. The range of machines includes Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Scrubbers, Scrubber/Drier, Industrial and Road Sweepers, Carpet/Upholstery manufactured by DULEVO INTERNATIONAL, ITALY who are leaders in this field.